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First leaked image of the BMW i7 rear seats

This is how luxurious you will sit in the back of the new electric BMW i7 series car!

BMW confirms the next generation of their 7 series will be fully electric

Suddenly all manufacturers realized that at least their high end cars have to be fully electric. BMW officially confirmed the next generation of their luxury 7 series will be fully electric.Here is...

Top Gears first view of the new BMW i4 electric car 523bhp and a 373-mile range

And so BMW finally announced the new BMW i4 electric car. The car is set to go into production in 2021. And in this video TOP Gear shows you all we know...

Is The 2020 MINI Cooper S E The FIRST EVER Affordable Electric Car!?

The Fast Lane Car tested the first electric Mini made by BMW. I do not like this car but let's see if Fast Lane Car agrees with me:

Glimpse into the future: Solid State Batteries who’s doing what?

There is a lot of talk about Solid State Batteries being the next big thing. But so far this is the wild west of technologies and nobody can tell if and when...
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