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World’s first test of the Tesla Model Y on the German Autobahn

At 120km/h the Model Y only looses a 10% range compared ot the WLTP estimate. But at 150km/h the range drops dramatically: Here is the full video:

Ford manager explains why they branded the MACH-E as a “Mustang”

I am still not convinced about the use of the "Mustang" name on an electric SUV. But here you can heard Ford's argument for that decision:

Tesla Model 3 Long Range model tested on the German Autobahn!

A German touch on this very long Model 3 review! How does it perform on the Autobahn?

First full review of the new Tesla Model Y Performance!

Throttle House published the full review of the new Tesla Model Y Performance:

First tesla Y image with roof rack and first image of the open trunk!

More and more Tesla Y models are being spotted on the street. Above you see it with a roof rack on top. Much more interesting are those trunk pictures: There is really plenty...

New video shows the Sony Vision-S car back at the engineering facility in Graz

I don't believe a second anymore that Sony will NOT release this car for real 🙂  

Porsche Taycan or Supercharger Tesla Model 3: Who charges faster?

Nextmove compared the charging speed between the Taycan and the Model 3. The quick takway is that in most real world situation the taycan has a slight advantage. But certainly not a...

Hilarious! Bak to The Future revisted with the Tesla Cybertruck 🙂

This made my day 🙂
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