Porsche manager explains how the electric “E-718” will be


The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport interviewed the Mr. Frank-Steffen Walliser (Head of Porsche-Motorsport). He shared quite some interesting tidbits:

When asked about a possible full electric Porsche 911 he answered:

It’s a relatively small car with a short wheelbase and a very low seating position. If I now install batteries under the driver, I lose the low sitting position. And there is simply no space at the front and back. Moreover 911 customers appreciate the two-plus-two seating concept, above all because of the feeling of space. And that would be lost in the event of full electrification.

About a possible full electric Porsche 718:

A fully electric sports car would be easier to implement. Especially since it could be a very emotional product. The most important market for the 718 Spyder, for example, is China, where we practically only sell the cars in the eight megacities. A purely electrical variant could make sense. Yes, it would be harder, but I can imagine that it will go well.

Frank-Steffen Walliser explained that the 718 mid engine design would allow to fit batteries where there is currently the Boxer engine. Moreover:

With a mid-engine concept, I get load on the rear axle due to the installation position of batteries and engine, so the recuperation works well

Frank believes both a pure rear wheel and all drive 718 would make sense. He also think the overall weight of a pure electric 718 car would be around 1700 kg. That would be 200kg more than their top end 718 GTS version.

In summary he made it clear that a full electric 911 is not coming any time soon while the electric 718 is definitely much closer!