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World’s first test of the Tesla Model Y on the German Autobahn

At 120km/h the Model Y only looses a 10% range compared ot the WLTP estimate. But at 150km/h the range drops dramatically: Here is the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsHNN93Ty7Y

First full review of the new Tesla Model Y Performance!

Throttle House published the full review of the new Tesla Model Y Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz1iKSmZ-tw

First image of the final production version Tesla Model Y model

The official Tesla Q4 report document (pdf file here) displays the first image of the final production version of the Model Y There are only minor differences on thw front of the car...  

Tesla confirms the Model Y will start shipping out in March and adds Überturbine Wheels option

Tesla conference call unveiled some new about the Model Y The first batch f Model Y cars will start shipping out in March. Tesla added the 21 inch Überturbine Wheels option on...

Tesl Y spotted charging shows how much bigger it is compared with the Tesla 3

For a brief moment you can notice the Tesla 3 and Tesla Y size comparison. It's quite a bit taller! From pervious videos we have learned the Tesla Y is nearly as...

Here is the full collection of the Tesla Y spy shots

Ryan Shaw made this full video compilation of every single Model Y prototype sighting out in the wild featuring it side by side with many popular vehicles including the Honda CRV, BMW...

Tesla Y vs Tesla X real world size comparison

Teslarati shared this image of the new "covered" Tesla Y parked near the Tesla X. As you can see the size is really close. Below you can find a size comparison with the...

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