This ain’t fun Ionity: Full charge now cost more than a full petrol tank for non-members!


Ionity gets the crown for most stupid strategy decision of 2020 so far 🙁

The fast charging station operator Ionity has presented a new price model for direct customers, which is to come into force on January 31, 2020. Anyone who, as a non-registered customer, wants to fill up their electric car at one of the 200 charging stations currently available in Europe will have to pay 79 cents per kilowatt hour charged. Depending on the battery size the price of a charge could rise up to 100 percent to over 60 euros!!! This is more than the cost of a full petrol engine tank.

Handeksblatt reports that the company justifies the price “by the special location of the Ionity charging stations directly along the motorways and by the unrivaled high charging power of up to 350 kilowatts

Pity no car yet exists that can charge at the full 350 kW power 🙁