Volkswagen has just teased the ID.1 at Christmas time!


Volkswagen sent out a newsletter for Christmas time with this image of the future ID.1 hatchback.The image gives away some interesting details:

  • It has no B-Pillar
  • It has the horizontal Led light band on the back (aka Porsche)
  • It has a spoiler

The German magazine Auto Motor and Sport spilled out some rumored specs of this new car:

  • It will be shown as prototype in 2020 and be released on market by 20222
  • Its not based on the same ID.3 MEB platform as the ID.1 will be too short for it.
  • It will use 27 and 34 kWh batteries for an estimated range between 210 and 250 km (130-150 miles)
  • Base price will be 20.000 Euro
  • There will be a crossover version named ID.2

Well, this might be the perfect city car for the masses!