Audi E-Tron GT Test Drive by Engadget

Engadget set behind the wheels of the new Audi E-Tron GT. Sadly they weren’t allowed to do any serious more “sporty” driving. And speed limit was 30mph. The Audi is based on the same Porsche Taycan platform and will probably cost around $15-$20k less and drive more comfortably than the Porsche. Still I prefer the Taycan’s look over the Audi but that’s just my personal taste.

A couple of months ago also EVO got the chance to sit on the passengers side of the car and wrote:

From 0-30mph there’s a Tron-like soundtrack to the powertrain and that’s about it for what I can tell you about how it feels like to drive. With a 30mph speed limit, imposed by both the Audi engineer sat alongside and the LAPD riding along with us, there is little else credible that I can tell you. The re-gen brake set-up did feel good, certainly less grabby and like pushing a concrete slab than many current systems.

With a suspension set-up for the motor show stand rather than Downtown LA it did ride like the multi-link air-suspension that will be fitted to all e-tron GT production models had been replaced with a mix of aggregates and other building materials found in the construction isle of the nearest Home Depo store. Or like an early A4 S Line.

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