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Volkswagen provides first insights into its new all-electric compact SUV ID.4

Volkswagen released some new info about the future ID.4 SUV. Some Key features: The name has been decided – ID.402 starts this year Up to 500 km – aerodynamics and efficiency allow long...

French Leaflet unveils interesting new details about the Volkswagen ID.3

A newly leaked leaflet shows some new details about the upcoming Volkswagen ID.3. Volkswagen said that a -7 degrees Celsius the range will be reduced by 20% only if the car car...

Here are the images of hundreds of VW ID.3 cars waiting for summer delivery start

The German Youtuber Nextmove shared those two images showing the already produced ID.3 waiting for the summer delivery start. Volkswagen had to delay the shipment because of massive software problems. This doesn't look...

Latest Spy shots show the VW ID.4 SUV with no camouflage!

Those are the latest Spy Shots of the new Volkswagen ID.4. It's basically a bigger ID.3 with the same tech 🙂

Glimpse into the future: Solid State Batteries who’s doing what?

There is a lot of talk about Solid State Batteries being the next big thing. But so far this is the wild west of technologies and nobody can tell if and when...

VW ID.3 delivery start is delayed til August

Prebookers do report that at an event in Denmark Volkswagen said that ID.3 deliveries got delayed once more from July til August. Moreover: -The first edition ID.2 will not have the two zone climate,...

Volkswagen decided to raise their goal: 1 million electric cars to be sold in 2023

Manager magazin reports that Volkswagen updated their roadmap and now plans to sell 1 million electric cars in 2023. That's two years ahead of their previous goal. By 2025 VW expects to...

Volkswagen has just teased the ID.1 at Christmas time!

Volkswagen sent out a newsletter for Christmas time with this image of the future ID.1 hatchback.The image gives away some interesting details: It has no B-Pillar It has the horizontal Led light...
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