Volkswagen decided to raise their goal: 1 million electric cars to be sold in 2023


Manager magazin reports that Volkswagen updated their roadmap and now plans to sell 1 million electric cars in 2023. That’s two years ahead of their previous goal. By 2025 VW expects to sell 1,5 million EV’s.

They plan to reach their targets by releasing the following cars by investing 33 Billion Euros within the next five years. And expect VW to release 75 fully electric vehicles til 2030 (with total sales of 26 Million cars). All than invested money will come from their earnings and new cost cutting measures. Producing EV’s requires less man power and new layoffs are forecasted by the management.

VW made multiple long term deals with battery manufacturers but also plans to produce their own batteries with first VW made solid state batteries expected to be tested on car prototypes in 2025. For that they are building a factory in the Netherlands with Northvolt .

Here is the ID roadmap:

ID.3 in early 2020
ID Crozz a couple of months after the ID.3
VW ID Roomzz to go on sale in 2021
VW ID Vizzion 2021
ID.7 in 2021 (read our article with specs here).
ID.1 in 2022 (read our article with specs here).

Press release from Volkswagen:

  • 1.5 million vehicles from the new ID. family in 2025
  • 2020 to be dominated by the market introduction of the ID.301
  • Strategic target of one million produced electric cars to be reached two years earlier than planned end of 2023
  • Volkswagen E-Mobility Board Member Thomas Ulbrich: “The key year for the system changeover to e-mobility is ahead of us.”

Volkswagen’s electric offensive has picked up speed as planned. With the world premiere of the new all-electric ID.3 in September and the start of production at the Zwickau electric vehicle plant in November, the Volkswagen brand has already reached major milestones. 2020 will be dominated by the market introduction of the ID. family. The first ID.3 cars will appear on Europe’s roads in the summer. Over the next few years, Volkswagen intends to become the world market leader in e-mobility and is investing €33 billion in these efforts throughout the group by 2024, including €11 billion in the Volkswagen brand. Under the latest plans, the strategic target of one million electric cars is expected to be reached end of 2023, two years earlier than previously predicted. The Volkswagen brand expects 1.5 million electric cars to be produced in 2025.