The Mercedes-Benz AVTR concept car has one unque feature: The first “organic” battery!

Granted I am no fan of concept cars. We now have sen so many crazy versions of them that none does “WOW” me anymore. Mercedes-Benz did display this new AVTR concept car at the CES show designed by James Cameron.

The only technical highlight that might be interesting is the fact that it uses a new graphene-based organic battery. Mercedes says that this battery don’t require rare earth minerals and is fully compostable. Moreover:

– It fully charges in 15 minutes only
– It has 400 miles (700km) of range. The battery capacity is 110 kWh

Mercedes did not share who makes the battery and when this might be ready for mass production. But I hope it’s coming soon as it would allow to get rid of two problems: range-anxiety and long charging times.


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